ANDREW G is an image artist, designer, & writer based out of Oklahoma City.

Andrew is completely colorblind. Yet his photos’ popularity grows, in part, for the color-pop in them. Modern technology enables Andrew to see color while capturing & editing using a "histogram", which measures and displays color in numbers & graphs. Other photographers speculate it is Andrew’s use of the histogram in all his work that propels it to the forefront of photographic color excellence.

The ANDREW G IMAGE brand and print art has grown at a quick pace since launching in 2016. Andrew specializes in landscape photography of his home state, Oklahoma. While his photography has him shooting all over the country for clients, when he gets to focus on what he loves the most, he doesn’t have to travel far from home.

While he has spent a lifetime cultivating the disciplines & skills utilized to create the unique brand of work he is known for, ANDREW G's body of work began officially in 2016. All digitals and prints bearing the ANDREW G signature are 2016 editions or later.

Andrew grew up in OKC. His wife, Em, is from Yukon, OK. They met and began dating in 1995 as teens, married in 1998, and are celebrating their 21st Anniversary this year.

They have 4 children: Hannah•Clare•Lilly•Max


•Cover & Featured, OKC Lifestyle Magazine, April, 2019
•Cover & Featured, 405 Magazine, October, 2018
•Featured, 405 Magazine, June, 2018
•Winner, Best Sunset Panorama, Pano-Rama, 2017
•Top10, 180-degree Panorama, Pano-Rama, 2016


Sterling Wright, MBA